Imagine going through a breakup AND being left with $9,000 of debt.

I’m pretty sure I’d be ugly crying for at least a couple months, but today’s guest came out of the fire stronger than ever.

Sarah Li Cain is the founder of, where she writes about all things personal finance and specifically focuses on the psychology behind our spending habits. Sarah is the author of The Authentic Budget, which is coming out soon, and she even has a Money Coloring Book, pretty sweet right?

In this episode we talk about the time her ex-boyfriend left her with a broken heart and $9,000 in debt, why she was grateful for her debt and what it taught her, boundaries and how they play such a big factor in our financial lives (and how setting them even led her to meeting her husband), getting rid of the PEZ collection she had since she was 13 years old, why budgets don’t work and so much more.

Towards the end of the episode we talk about a challenge that hasn’t launched quite yet but check Sarah’s website later as I’m sure this is one she will be pursuing after her book launch.


Debt is a way to stop you in tracks + assess. What is your life like? Is it something you want to keep doing or are you meant to go on another path? -@sarahlicain #TheMoneyNerdsPodcast Click To Tweet Take the time to say Yes or No to things that matter to you. -@sarahlicain #TheMoneyNerds #Podcast Click To Tweet


And much more! If you are now part of #TeamSarah, check out her website to learn more about her story.


Stephanie Rodriguez– “Small money win! I got my first student loan paid off yesterday!! It was small- $2,000, but it took less than 2 years and gives me $40 a month extra to put towards my savings and other debts!” #MoneyWin

Kaylene Retka-  “I re-did my budget for this month and was able to eliminate some bills and put an extra $200/month towards student loans! #MoneyWin

Hannah Barnett- “Finally paid off my credit card debt. Still gonna leave it frozen though until I find my next plane ticket!” #MoneyWin

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