Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and podcast host of The Chris Miles Money Show, and has been featured in US News, CNN Money, and Entrepreneur on Fire, helping thousands internationally get fast financial results. In fact, his average client finds $33,000 per year!

In this episode we talk about the surprising strategy Chris used to retire at 28 years old and again in his 30s,

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Charlie Javice is the founder and CEO of Frank, an online platform designed to streamline and simplify the application process for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), enabling millions of students to access billions in free federal aid.

Prior to Frank, Charlie was the Founder and Executive Director of PoverUP, an online platform designed to help interested students learn more about starting microfinance clubs, getting social-enterprise internships, and supporting microfinance organizations.

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Have you ever wanted to be a blogger or have your own online business? If so, this episode is for you. Learning how to write copy is incredibly important for a business owner AND especially important if you want to be a better communicator in your job.

Liz Theresa is a an online business expert from the Boston area with skills and a breadth of experience in copywriting, business development, online marketing, graphic design, and web development.
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Ever wonder what previous #MoneyNerds guests are up to?

Well, I’ve got you covered in this special *LIVE* episode from FinCon 2017, I sat down with 4 previous guests:

Listen in as you learn what is new for their business and what their financial life looks like today.

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Deacon Hayes is the founder of and the author of You Can Retire Early. He has been featured in many news publications including Yahoo Finance, US News & World Report, Investopedia, and CNN Money. He is best known for paying off $52,000 of debt in 18 months and is now on track to retire at 42 years old.

He has helped thousands of people develop a financial game plan so that they can achieve their financial goals in life.

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Kara Stevens is a life coach, writer, speaker and founder of the personal finance and lifestyle blog The Frugal Feminista, an online home dedicated to inspiring and informing women of color about financial empowerment, girl power, and “juicy” living. She’s the creator of the super popular, Five Day Financial Reset challenge, where she had led over 10,000 women through resetting their financial life, and has multiple financial products that can help you on your journey.

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We are often told we need to do more, grow for growths sake, and balance everything in life with a smile. But it’s rare to be told it’s okay to grow slow.

Lara Casey is a believer in the impossible. She the author of Make It Happen and also the publisher and editor-in-chief of Southern Weddings. Lara is the founder of the Making It Happen movement and frequently speaks on goal-setting,

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Happy Podiversary Money Nerds!

Let’s celebrate our #MoneyNerds1Year together!

Join in as I share my life  and money lessons learned from talking to 52 strangers.

Special podiversary Gift

As a thank you for being part of this show, I’m giving away 100 FREE access codes to my course Crush One Debt.

Use code MONEYNERD at checkout.

*This expires 10/11/17 at 11:59 PM.*

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I got to chat with Clayton Morris about his journey from drowning in debt to financial freedom and it really did blow my mind. So much so that between previous guest Mindy Jensen, Limor Markman and now Clayton, I am starting to run some numbers to see if I can actually invest in my first property.

So who is Clayton Morris? Well, Clayton is a news anchor on the #1 cable news show in the world.

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Joe Saul-Sehy is a former financial advisor (16 years) and represented American Express and Ameriprise in the media. He is the co-creator of the multiple award winning podcast Stacking Benjamins. Joe was the “Money Man” at Detroit television  appearing twice weekly. He’s appeared in Bride, Best Life, and Child magazines, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Detroit News and Baltimore Sun newspapers. He’s also appeared online in more than 200 different places, including and

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