Think about one thing you love spending money on.

No judgement! Just get it clear in your head. Now, imagine not spending any money on that for an entire year.

Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Well, today’s guest Kate Dore did just that.

Today’s guest is the founder of Cashville Skyline, Kate Dore. Kate is a very dynamic person who doesn’t only have 1 thing going on.

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Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan.

We think things will go perfectly smoothly and life decides it has other plans.

That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest, Jessica Garbarino.

Today’s guest is the founder of Every Single Dollar, Jessica Garbarino. Jess helps single women kick ass with their money, pay off debt, build up a savings account, or just live a more intentional life. Her work can be found at

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Today’s guest is a self-proclaimed money moron turned self-made millionaire. (All in 13 years!)

Scott writes at and podcasts at Financial Rockstar. Scott is a husband and father to twins. He helps people get the resources needed to being a rock star with money, paying off debt, and retiring early (just like him!).

In this episode we talk about selling the car, taking a loss, and driving a beater, how not having a car payment was the single greatest thing he did for his financial life,

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