Deacon Hayes is the founder of and the author of You Can Retire Early. He has been featured in many news publications including Yahoo Finance, US News & World Report, Investopedia, and CNN Money. He is best known for paying off $52,000 of debt in 18 months and is now on track to retire at 42 years old.

He has helped thousands of people develop a financial game plan so that they can achieve their financial goals in life.

In this episode we talk about going from floor salesman and his wife being a teacher to paying off $52,000 in 18 months, what he’s doing to be able to retire at 42 years old, writing his book, side hustles and best ways to make extra money on the weekends, and practical financial tips that anyone can implement.

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His debt free story


Ashley– “My 401k went up over $300 in 2 weeks with a personal return of nearly 12%!” #moneywin

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