Gwen and J are hosts of the rapidly growing show, Fire Drill Podcast. Their podcast is quickly becoming one of my favorites where they interview young people who have done amazing things such as retire in their early thirties, quit their jobs to travel the world, and become millionaires through Airbnb. And I was lucky enough to come hang out on their show. The podcast is amazing, and each of these ladies have really impressive background and stories. So today we are going to get to hear an insiders look into their lives.

Gwen is a Millennial on the path to Financial Independence. She saved $100k at age 25 all while earning well short of 6 figures. She is the founder of the blog Fiery Millennials. She currently resides in the Midwest and is the happy slave to her cat Bartholomew.

J is a woman working in technology by day and a blogger and podcast host by night. She writes
about debt payoff strategies and millennial career hacking at She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dog.

In this episode we talk about what financial independence mean to them, how life was growing up, J’s story paying off $89,000 in 18 months, how Gwen went to school debt free, how to find out how much money you need for FIRE, Fat FIRE and lean FIRE, the books that really impacted their lives.


Listen to their podcast, Fire Drill Podcast

Gwen’s Website: Fiery Millennials

J’s Website, Millennial Boss

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Karryn– “Paid off my second student loan at the start of this month! Two down 11 to go. I’m excited that my avalanche is starting to gain momentum!” #moneywin

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