Have you ever wanted to be a blogger or have your own online business? If so, this episode is for you. Learning how to write copy is incredibly important for a business owner AND especially important if you want to be a better communicator in your job.
Liz Theresa is a an online business expert from the Boston area with skills and a breadth of experience in copywriting, business development, online marketing, graphic design, and web development. The bulk of her work has been with entrepreneurs and small businesses. She is the host of her own podcast about life and entrepreneurship, Liz on Biz which is available on iTunes. She founded Concept to Creation, her flagship program in which she blends her role as both a strategist and designer / developer for her clients. Liz was recently a featured woman business owner in WE USA and has also been credited in Business News Daily and CEO Blog Nation. She was recently published for an article, “How to get Divorced and not want to Die,” in Elephant Journal. Liz holds a Master of Arts degree in English from Bridgewater State University.
In this episode we talk about bootstrapping her business, the secret behind her businesses’ success, advice for people who are in “unemployable” degrees, how she got her master’s degree for free, the art of pursing the little things, the hilarious story of taking back Victoria’s Secret bras, marketing strategies that we need to be careful of, what makes a great the website, why learning copyrighting is important EVEN if you aren’t trying to start your own business.


Liz’s Website: liztheresa.com
Liz’s Podcast – liztheresa.com/podcast
Liz’s 5 Tips to Improving Web Copy- FreeCopyVideo.com


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