Scott Mulvaney is a health nut, adrenaline junkie, coach, sales, and marketing professional. Some of his passions include mountain biking, road cycling, skiing, CrossFit, hiking, rock climbing, skydiving, and philanthropy.

This episode is a two parter: we are talking about the importance of branding and once you get a brand established, how you can access pro-deals to represent companies and save a little extra money.

In this episode we talk about how money was discussed when he was growing up, the importance of putting in the work, the money to brains ratio, how to being a wildland firefighter helped him rediscover his love of branding, why you should be creating a brand whether you are an entrepreneur or employee, pro deals and how you can save 40-60% off expensive, quality products and the Pro-deal code of conduct.


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Megan– Cut up her credit card on the FIRST coaching call. #MoneyWin!!

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