Cheryl Fields is a professional speaker,  Founder of Lifestyle Wealth Group, creator of the (start where you are) Wholistic Wealth for Women approach to financial security, and author of the upcoming book   “Zero Is The New Million:  How you can get out of debt in record time and be well on your way to a safe, secure, and carefree financial future” A former Financial Planner, she is currently speaking in cities across the country and sharing the 100 year old strategies the wealthy have used to build safe, secure, and tax free savings that allow them tohave time AND money, while experiencing all that life has to offer.

  • What’s “liquidity” when it comes to your finances?
  • Don’t be deceived by a small interest rate on your student loans.  You might still be paying them off until you die!
  • If you still have student loans when you retire, they can take it out of your social security.
  • Americans spend 29% of their income on interest.
  • What are things you can “leverage” to get ahead with your finances?
  • Do you understand the terms of your student loan when you sign the dotted line?
  • Is a 401k really that good of an idea?

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