Imagine spending 200 days in space. What does the food taste like? What’s the view like? How do you sleep, shower or go to the bathroom?

Today’s interview is with former NASA astronaut Steve Swanson! Steve is amazing. He has a doctorate in computer science from Texas A&M University in College Station, and holds degrees from the University of Colorado in Boulder and Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Steve joined NASA in 1987 as a systems engineer and a flight engineer in the Aircraft Operations Division at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, working on the Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA). During his time with the STA, Steve helped improve the STA’s navigation and control systems and incorporate a real-time wind determination algorithm.

In this episode Steve share’s how to become an astronaut (his background that set him up for success), what a day in the life of an astronaut looks like, how to sleep, shower, and go to the bathroom, his 3 missions in space, why and how you workout in space, the best part about living out of this world, and even how astronauts handle their financial lives when they are out of this world.


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