Mike Brown has been around the financial industry and higher education for quite some time. He was a mathematics professor at Penn State for a while and now works as Managing Director of Nitro. Nitro’s goal is to help people spend as little as possible for college while minimizing the amount of student loans taken out.  

In this episode we talk about a three step process for approaching college, FAFSA form and why this is so critical, how to deal with financial aid departments and negotiating your financial aid package, scholarship tips and how to increase your chances of getting scholarships, and a philosophical discuss of student loans.

All this and so much more. I’m so excited to introduce you to Mike Brown Managing Director of NitroCollege.com.


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  • Mike’s Website: nitrocollege.com
  • NitroScore: https://score.nitrocollege.com (calculator helping you determine which college might be best for you)
  • His background in higher education and what led him to Nitro
  • FAFSA form and why that is so critical
  • Increasing your odds of getting a scholarship through telling a unique story
  • Average student loan is $37,000
  • What information to use when negotiating your financial aid package
  • The tough decision parents are making with their children
  • Tips for applying for scholarships
  • Pell grants, student loans and what you need to know now

And much more! If you are now part of #TeamMike, check out his website to learn more about Nitro’s services.


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