Psychotherapist Lisa Ferentz emphasizes that, while most people expend tremendous amounts of energy wondering and worrying about what others think or say about them, the most powerful messages are the ones that come from yourself about yourself.

Through her over 30 years of private practice and as the founder of The Ferentz Institute, she empowers those struggling with personal and professional obstacles with the strategies they need to grow and thrive,

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Let’s dive into today’s money conversation with Kelly Ruta. Kelly is a therapist turned mindset coach. She helps women who are high performing entrepreneurs, or soon-to-be entrepreneurs through her community FierceChick Entrepreneur Tribe.

In this episode we talk about Kelly’s personal daily practices she uses to keep her in a high vibe energy level,  I am statements, money blocks, why she was stuck at a certain salary for a while and how that was directly tied to a mindset block,

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We all have money blocks.

But sometimes, knowing exactly what our money blocks are isn’t quite as intuitive.If you’re anxious to know what money blocks you have, then you’re going to love this episode!

Today’s guest has done the impossible. She has officially bridged the gap between Interior design and how that affects our financial lives. Tonya Rineer is the founder of where she educates women on money mindsets, pricing,

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