Doug Nordman is an author of The Military Guide To Financial Independence and Retirement. He has been enjoying FI for over 15 years. He and his spouse reached FI in 1999 on a high savings rate and retired from the submarine force in 2002 at the age of 41.  He’s been enjoying the island life on Oahu since 1989 where he raised his family. These days he enjoys slow travel, being an accredited investor and recently completed a major rehab of his rental property.

In this episode we talk about his background in the military and living on a submarine for 90 days, how navy pay was structured, the common financial issues military members face, what financial independence is and what it is not, the 4% safe withdrawal rate, how to reduce your budget so you can save, the difference between frugality and deprivation and when each is appropriate, two books that helped Doug reach FI and how to access your money early if it’s all in retirement accounts and you are trying to retire before your 60s.


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Matthew- “I just came back from the bank where I made an extra payment of $1,000 towards my car loan.”  #MoneyWin

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