Liran Amrany is the co-founder and CEO of Debitize, the personal finance app that lets you use any credit card like a debit card so you can get your credit card perks without worrying about credit card debt. Liran founded Debitize to help simplify, optimize, and automate personal finances, especially around credit card spending where he witnessed a big need. Prior to founding the company, he was an Executive Director at JPMorgan, where he spent nine years as a derivatives marketer. Liran graduated from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business with a Masters in Financial Engineering and has a BA in Economics and Molecular Biology, also from UC Berkeley.

In this episode we talk about Liran’s background, how he got in trouble for gambling when he was 12 years old, listening to his friend’s complaints and turning that into a fintech business, how Debitize works, his goals for the company and how he plans on scaling the business further over the next couple of years.


Liran’s Website

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