Imagine going through a breakup AND being left with $9,000 of debt.

I’m pretty sure I’d be ugly crying for at least a couple months, but today’s guest came out of the fire stronger than ever.

Sarah Li Cain is the founder of, where she writes about all things personal finance and specifically focuses on the psychology behind our spending habits. Sarah is the author of The Authentic Budget, which is coming out soon,

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We all have money blocks.

But sometimes, knowing exactly what our money blocks are isn’t quite as intuitive.If you’re anxious to know what money blocks you have, then you’re going to love this episode!

Today’s guest has done the impossible. She has officially bridged the gap between Interior design and how that affects our financial lives. Tonya Rineer is the founder of where she educates women on money mindsets, pricing,

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Finding your passion in life sounds a bit out there, right?

We always think one day we’ll just stumble upon our passion it and be like “oh there it is!” While, that’s not necessarily the case, today’s guest shows us exactly how we can start to find what really lights us up and step in our greatness.

Kathlyn Hart is the founder of and host of the podcast The Big Leap Show.

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Have you ever heard of a psychotherapist turned financial therapist?

Me neither. Until I read the life changing book and chatted with author, Bari Tessler.

Today’s guest is the founder and author of The Art Of Money and The Art Of Money is a book that slowly worked its way up to my favorites. Bari discusses in a fully and entertaining way about how she helps people with money healing,

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Believe it or not, Elton John can be a huge motivator for paying off debt.

Today’s guest is, Melissa Thomas, the founder of where she writes about money, and helps people pay off debt and get their financial life in order.  Melissa discovered Elton John when she was 14 years old and has a goal of seeing as many Elton concerts as she possibly can. (So far she’s seen 36 concerts!)

In this episode we talk about her goal of paying off debt by the time she was 40,

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If you’ve ever been interested in investment properties, this episode is for you.

Today’s guest is joining us from Canada.  Limor Markman is the founder of where she writes about money, and being financially fabulous. Limor started her journey when she needed save up enough money to travel abroad.

In this episode we talk about her goal of helping 1 million women get 3 difference income streams, property investing and why waiting to buy might not be the best strategy,

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Imagine walking away from intently paying off $148,000 of debt to pursue your dreams.

Today’s guest is one that motivates the heck out of me. Kayla Sloan is the founder of where she writes about money, intentional living, and getting out of debt. She’s also a podcaster at Kayla has a fascinating story about walking away from intently paying off $148,000 in debt to pursue her dream of full-time entrepreneurship.

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If you’ve ever had a distaste for frugality, this is the episode for you.

Today’s guest has a background in fashion design, but could care less about fashion. Mindy Jensen is the community manager at She shops at thrift stores, and keeps expenses as low as possible. If this sounds like torture to you, it’s actually the opposite. She does this so that she can spend heavily on areas that matter to her.

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Today’s episode is going to be a little different.Instead of the normal interview based format, I wanted to do a more timely holiday edition.
I want to thank Experian for the inspiration behind todays episode.Recently, Experian put out a survey to 1,000 about holidays, spending, and debt. And honestly, the results broke my heart a little bit, so I wanted to share the findings.


  • Check out the survey  from Experian
  • 55% of people feel stressed about finances during the holiday
  • 56% said they spend too much during the holidays
  • Steps to beating holiday stress:
    • You are not obligated to buy anyone anything
    • Stick to your budget
    • Avoid last minute trips to the store
    • Remind yourself it doesn’t really matter


Rebecca– “I’ve decided to move back home with family to save over $1,600/month to payoff credit card debt. 

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Have you ever wondered if you can make mesh two different passions into one career?

Well, today’s guest Ani Mercedes has built a life doing that.

Today’s guest has pursued a very non-traditional career as an artist and personal finance blogger at and ( Ani Mercedes is a fine artist, photographer, and has even had a documentary featured on PBS.  She paid off $40,000 in just a couple years by focusing on her why.

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