Think about one thing you love spending money on.

No judgement! Just get it clear in your head. Now, imagine not spending any money on that for an entire year.

Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Well, today’s guest Kate Dore did just that.

Today’s guest is the founder of Cashville Skyline, Kate Dore. Kate is a very dynamic person who doesn’t only have 1 thing going on. She blogs and freelances, is getting into real estate investing, and works a full-time job in marketing.

In this episode we talk about how Kate was able to save 40-50% of her income, the common things we over pay for, how she didn’t buy clothes for an entire year (which was a big deal because she loved designer clothes), the extremely valuable lesson she learned about income when she was 22, exactly how she’s actively creating multiple streams of income, and advice for people trying to pay off debt or be better with their money.


Buying something new didn't give me as much satisfaction as $300 in my account. -@cashvillesky #KnowledgeBomb Click To Tweet When you make an average salary, you have to be careful with money. -@cashvillesky #KnowledgeBomb Click To Tweet Learning that you are dispensable at the age of 22 was a pretty valuable lesson. -@cashvillesky #KnowledgeBomb Click To Tweet


  • Kate’s website:
  • Going from a career in the music industry to multiple streams of income
  • How she is able to save 40-50% of her income
  • The common things we overpay for + how to reduce those expenses
  • Transitioning from buying expensive designer clothes to not buying clothes for an entire year
  • The lesson she learned when she was 22 that changed her life
  • How she is working on multiple streams of income
  • The person who inspires her with money, Melanie from
  • Advice for those working on being better with money

And much more! If you are now part of #TeamKate, check out her website for more money inspo.


Heather Shue– “I set a goal of getting her mortgage down to 5-figures at the end of the year, and I already reached. that goal.”   #moneywins

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