Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan.

We think things will go perfectly smoothly and life decides it has other plans.

That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest, Jessica Garbarino.

Today’s guest is the founder of Every Single Dollar, Jessica Garbarino. Jess helps single women kick ass with their money, pay off debt, build up a savings account, or just live a more intentional life. Her work can be found at

Jessica originally set a goal of paying off $56,000 in 2 years. She was well on her way and making amazing progress when a family member needed help. Jessica pushed pause on her intense debt pay off to take care of her relatives.  After some serious financial setbacks, she regained her confidence, cleaned up the debt, and started helping other women do the same thing.

In this episode we talk about why women shouldn’t wait until they are married before thinking about their money, how her grandparents inspired her to be debt free, going through a foreclosure, the realization she came to about not needing material stuff, why she chases experiences over things, and why she believes we should prioritize cash over cards.


Being diligent in budgeting gave me a lot of power. -@jessgarbarino #KnowledgeBomb Click To Tweet People chase material things, but it doesn't make them any happier. -jessgarbarino #KnowledgeBomb Click To Tweet


  • Jessica’s website:
  • Why women can’t wait until marriage to think about money
  • How her grandparents inspired her to be debt free
  • Why she slowed down her debt pay off process
  • Going through a foreclosure
  • Paying off debt helps you realize you don’t want a lot of stuff
  • How she stays content and grounded with her life
  • Why you should priortize cash over cards

And much more! If you are now part of #TeamJessica, check out her website for more money inspo.


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Chad Methner for working overtime to pay off his debt and get his emergency savings.

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