Eric Rosenberg is a badass. He’s a finance guy from Colorado who followed a dream and moved to Portland, quit my job to work online full-time, and then moved to the beach in California. He has both an undergraduate degree and MBA in finance. He has an incredible story of how he paid off $40,000 in 2 years, started a business that after 8 years of work became an overnight success bringing in over six figures per year.

His business, Personal Profitability, helps you be profitable just like a business. Each week he shares income growth, investment, banking, and lifestyle articles and podcast episodes. The four pillars of Personal Profitability are earning more, spending mindfully, growing your wealth, and living a better life.

In this episode we talk about why budgeting isn’t enough and why frugality won’t make you rich, why you should never “kill time”, finding the right side hustle, the best side hustle if you need money immediately,  how his blog led him to a six figure business (not blogging), how affiliate marketing works,


Eric’s website

Personal Profitability Podcast (it’s aaaaamazing!)

Money Bootcamp

137 Ways To Earn Your First Side Hustle Dollar


Monse-Successfully found the perfect ongoing gift mechanism for kids in my family. Used Stockpile to open custodial brokerage accounts for various kids that I can manage in 1 place (so easy). I’m excited to be able to contribute for Christmas, birthdays, graduations etc. I’m proud because by doing this, I had do talk about investment with the kids’ parents and get them thinking about money in a way they’ve never thought about. Luckily they all saw the value!” #moneywin

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