What would you do to pay off debt? Would you start a business and move to the ghetto?

Well, today’s guest is Aja McClanahan did just that.

Aja and her husband climbed out of $120,000 in debt by making some interesting sacrifices. She writes at PrinciplesofIncrease.com and even has her own podcast. Aja now helps others live a financially weird life through her courses, blog posts, and free resources on her website.

In this episode we talk about making the decision to forever stay out of debt, why she moved her family from the suburbs to the hood, the perks of making the tough decisions and how they impacted her life today, and heartfelt advice for those cleaning up their financial life.


On the outside it looked like a terrible opportunity, but I'm glad we did it. -@increaselaws #KnowledgeBomb Click To Tweet We pay a premium for perceived safety. -@increaselaws #KnowledgeBomb Click To Tweet


  • Fire lookouts- Recreation.gov
  • Aja’s website: principlesofincrease.com
  • How they paid off $100,000 in debt
  • Why she moved her family to the ghetto
  • Some pretty sweet perks of living a debt free life
  • The premiums we pay for perceived safety
  • Why she isn’t afraid of living in her subdivision
  • How to involve your kids in financial conversations
  • What she does to encourage her kids to be financially responsible

And much more! If you are now part of #TeamAja, check out her website for more money inspo.


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