Joe Saul-Sehy is a former financial advisor (16 years) and represented American Express and Ameriprise in the media. He is the co-creator of the multiple award winning podcast Stacking Benjamins. Joe was the “Money Man” at Detroit television  appearing twice weekly. He’s appeared in Bride, Best Life, and Child magazines, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Detroit News and Baltimore Sun newspapers. He’s also appeared online in more than 200 different places, including and

In this episode we talk about his podcast and transitioning from financial advising to becoming a teacher to creating an award winning podcast, trading his soul for a blanket, the biggest mistake we make with our financial life, the best way to stop yourself from overspending on your credit card, the scary time when he wasn’t making much money and creditors were calling that led to a great family hobby, and don’t miss an opportunity to hear Joe sing the famous and ultra-patriotic, God Bless My Underwear.

Joe was kind enough to offer The Money Nerds listeners 10% off Stacking Benjamin’s amazing courses by using code WHITNEY when you check out. That means you can save some cash while learning “how to legally cheat on your taxes,” or my personal favorite “Save50” a course that teaches you how to save 50% of your income. Later this year you’ll find a new course called “Finding Benjamins” that you guessed it, helps you find money.


Stacking Benjamins Podcast

Courses: use code WHITNEY at check out to save 10%

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Karen- “My credit score improved over 20 points this month because of my debt decreasing by nearly $500!” #moneywin

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