Todd Tresidder is a former hedge fund manager who “retired” at age 35.

He loves playing the money game like a kid loves playing Monopoly and remains an active investor to this day. He’s also a financial educator and pro-consumer advocate having authored 5 personal finance books.

His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, NPR, and MarketWatch, among other places. If you like what you hear from him today, you can get more of his insights on the Financial Mentor Podcast, or get his free email course, “52 Weeks To Financial Freedom,” teaching you how to invest smart, build wealth, retire early, and live free at – FinancialMentor.Com.

In this episode we talk about where his value for lifestyle freedom started, why he was sick of pissing away his money, lifestyle design, how it took him 12 years to become a self-made millionaire, his previous job as a hedge fund manager, the importance of working for knowledge not money in the beginning, how to build confidence with investing on your own, two key ratios you must understand, and his stint being in the pro-leisure circuit for a while.



Todd’s Wealth Generating Framework: 7 Steps to 7 Figures


Cara- “I worked overtime on today’s paycheck. $1800 can go towards my debt!” #MoneyWin

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