Kerri is part of the founding team at Cinch and currently leads business development and growth efforts. Her background is in financial services where she has spent time working directly with individuals and their money as a financial advisor and also working for a consulting group that helped large organizations create and offer financial products for their customers. Outside the world of a personal finance tech startup, she has an interest in style and fashion and regularly pulls inspiration from innovation in retail and e-commerce into her work at Cinch. She serves as an advocate for Cinch’s end user across the company, making sure Cinch never loses sight of the real challenges and problems our generation faces when it comes to dealing with money. Over the last 7 years, she has graduated with student debt, moved 6 times, racked up and paid off credit card debt, bought and sold a car, got engaged, got married, bought a house, changed jobs, combined finances with a partner, and of course – got a dog. There has got to be a better way to navigate these financial decisions, and that’s where Cinch comes in.

In this episode we talk about Kerri’s background in financial planning, why she became part of Cinch’s founding team, why and how Cinch became a reality, how they evolved from a customer segment niche to a broad market, what a fiduciary is, how Cinch differs from other financial apps.



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Amanda– “The people I nanny for needed help selling some appliances and they gave me a cut for it! Made about $300 in 2 days! Paid off my lowest credit card balance.”  #Moneywin

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