David Rubenstein is an attorney and owner of CreditForums.com and CreditShout.com. These sites save people time by doing the fine print research for you and recommending cards that make sense for your life while maximizing the rewards earned. He knows the ins and outs of credit cards, rewards, which cards are worth the efforts and loves traveling, but not necessarily points cards.

In this episode we talk about why he chooses cash back cards over travel points, his two favorite cards, things to look for if you’re considering a credit card, the difference between responsible credit cards use and bad credit card use, when to cut up the card, pitfalls of 0% interest offers, and some features on your cards that you might be missing.


Website: CreditForums.com and CreditShout.com


KarenI was trying to wait until Wins Wednesday but I can’t hold it in! I paid off $800 in credit card debt this weekend thanks to a bonus from work and a side job! WOO!”  #Moneywin

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