Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a movie or what life in Hollywood might be like? If so, you’re going to love today’s episode.

Katherine Botts graduated with a screenwriting degree from Chapman University and has since worked on many sets. Most recently, she was co-producer on the award-winning indie feature “I Am Still Here.”

David Willis is a writer for network TV shows like “Cybill” and “Caroline in the City,” he has written & directed numerous award-winning short films. He will convey the comedic and heartwarming story of “I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas” powerfully on the screen as the Director, Producer and Writer.

Between the entire team, they have an Oscar and 4 Emmys.

In this episode we talk about crowdfunding a movie and what all that entails, their careers in Hollywood, heartfelt advice for people looking to break into the movie industry, why they chose to create a Christmas movie, and even a mention some behind the scenes looks at Hollywood life.

All this and so much more, ladies and gentlemen I am so excited to introduce you to Katherine Botts and David Willis from the upcoming movie “I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas.”

Resources Mentioned:

Website: thatchristmasmovie.com

Crowdfunding Website: https://wefunder.com/thatchristmasmovie


Win a shot to be in the movie: https://gleam.io/np58G/win-a-part-in-a-hollywood-movie


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Final Thoughts

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