Angie Gross is a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. She focuses on building the right mindset that will help women be successful in their journey. The cool thing about Angie is she is well educated (has 5 associates, 2 bachelors and a master’s degree in IT management) and has a military background. She was even deployed with her husband where she started to realize her passion for fitness. Oh and not to mention she paid off $31,000 in 5 months!

In this episode we talk about starting her business as a life and weight loss coach while working full time for the military and the internal struggles she has been going through as she is growing her business, what stops us from getting stuff done and staying motivated, her journey to paying off $31,000 in 5 months, and how she helps clients with the weight loss journey.

All this and so much more, ladies and gentlemen I am so excited to introduce you to Angie Gross from

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Ellie- “We paid $4,116 total toward principal on our mortgage in April, which brings us to $35,713 paid since starting in September!” #Moneywin

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