Let’s dive into today’s money conversation with Erin Lowry. Erin is a millennial money expert and author of the book, “Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping by And Get Your Financial Life Together.” She’s the creator of brokemillennial.com. The thing I like about Erin is her writing style- she’s sarcastic, witty and writes like she speaks.  

In this episode we talk about writing the book and what people can expect from that, growing up in a household with constantly discussed personal finance, knowing your cash flow, the importance of multiple streams of income and how this looks in her life, the true value of a worthless degree, and getting financially naked with your SO.

And because Erin’s book is launching officially in May, anyone who pre-orders the book and sends an email to info@brokemillennial.com will get a special bonus chapter! Let’s all rally together and help Erin hit the bestseller list!

Alright guys, I’m honored to introduce you to Erin Lowry from BrokeMillennial.com


Worthless degrees have a LOT of value. @brokemillennial #TheMoneyNerds #Podcast Click To Tweet I focused on using my blog as a resume to get writing and speaking gigs. -@brokemillennial #TheMoneyNerds #Podcast Click To Tweet Broke Millennial was born out of creative desperation. -@brokemillennial #TheMoneyNerds #Podcast Click To Tweet Did you know? @brokemillennial worked on The David Letterman Show! Listen to #TheMoneyNerdsPodcast for all the deets. Click To Tweet


  • Erin’s website: BrokeMillennial.com
  • Her book “Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life In Order”
  • Preorder her book here: https://www.amazon.com/Broke-Millennial-Scraping-Financial-Together
  • The process of writing the book and what readers can expect
  • The true value of a worthless degree
  • Working for The David Letterman show and how that prepared her for her career
  • Knowing your cash flow and how to figure that out
  • Multiple streams of income and how that looks for her life

And much more! If you are now part of #TeamErin, check out her website to learn more about her story.


Megan– “We went into contract to sale our house this week! The money is paying off one vehicle and two student loans!!! Then we will be living with family for a year to get rid of the rest before buying a smaller house!”  #MoneyWin

Baylee – “Went grocery shopping and got .50 off gas…. Instead of costing $50 to fill my tank, it cost me just over $30! Silly, but I was super excited!” #MoneyWin

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