Today’s guest has been inspiring me since 2015.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to chat with Philip Taylor (or as you might know him as PT Money). PT is a certified public accountant, creator of FinCon, one of the top conferences personal finance bloggers, podcasters, and creatives, he’s the host of Masters of Money podcast, and blogger at PT is a really big deal in the financial world, so it was tons of fun chatting with him about his journey in life.

In this episode we talk about starting his blog in 2007, his strategy for starting FinCon in 2011 and how he used crowd-sourcing to grow the conference from 250 people to over 1,500 people (which is no small feat), sacrifices he made to pay off student loans and debt, the hilarious story of how he bought a car, realized it was too expensive and tried to take the car back, and towards the end he shares a very inspiring perspective on taking ownership of your life.

All this and so much more. Guys and gals, I’m stoked to introduce you to Philip Taylor, from


Personal finance was my passion. I needed a place to put those thing into the world, so I started a blog. -@ptmoney #podcast Click To Tweet I became “hard core frugal” when paying off debt. -@ptmoney #TheMoneyNerdsPodcast #Podcast Click To Tweet You can make money doing anything if you put your mind to it and work hard for it. -@ptmoney #TheMoneyNerdsPodcast Click To Tweet

The barrier to entry is really low. But the quality needs to keep stepping up. -@ptmoney #TheMoneyNerds #Podcast Click To Tweet 

Take ownership for your life and broadcast it to the world. -@ptmoney #TheMoneyNerds #Podcast Click To Tweet


  • PT’s website:
  • PT’s Podcast: Masters of Money 
  • Starting the uber successful conference, FinCon
  • His strategy of crowd-sourcing the conference planning
  • The ways he teaches his kids about money and giving his kids a salary
  • His money mess up buying a car and taking it back
  • Paying off debt by becoming hard core frugal and the hardest sacrifice he made
  • His philosophy on building a blog and making money on blogging
  • How to get eyeballs on your content and being bullish on reaching out to advertisers
  • Overcoming doubts and breaking through the imposter syndrome
  • Advice for taking ownership of your financial life

And much more! If you are now part of #TeamPTMoney, check out his website to learn more about his story.


Kristin “Today I had a huge win by making the final payment on my HELOC. We started on 1/1 with a balance of $21,436 and with extra hours and cutting way back on expenses, we just knocked it out in less than 3 months. Whitney Hansen has helped tremendously through private money coaching the past several weeks and I can’t thank her enough! Still have a lot of work to do, but definitely feel $21k lighter today.” #MoneyWin

Krista (aka Whitney’s mom) – “I just got a wild hair up my butt and went and paid my car off.” #MoneyWin

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