Today’s guest is probably my favorite. I seriously thought for sure I was going to fan-girl out so hard during this interview.  Today’s interview is with Scott Keyes, the creator of Scott’s Cheap Flights is seriously one of the best things I’ve discovered recently and one of the only products I recommend for everyone that likes to travel.

In this episode we talk about his start as a political journalist and the $130 round-trip flight to Milan, Italy that changed his life, the start of his business and how he began monetizing by telling people about cheap flight deals, credit card hacking, the time he asked for $2 a month to help pay for server costs and the fear he had behind that, his freemium business model and how he uses that to build trust, then we even talk about his personal philosophy for travel.


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  • Scott’s website:
  • Working as a political journalist and started traveling for his job
  • How Scott became an “accidental entrepreneur”
  • The trip that changed his life
  • Credit card hacking tips
  • Moving to Mexico and creating an ebook about cheap flights
  • The $130 round-trip flight to Milan, Italy that changed his life
  • Trailblazing his own path in the travel industry
  • Freemium business model he uses successfully
  • Scott’s 3 step philosophy to traveling
  • His favorite trip so far

And much more! If you are now part of #TeamScott, check out his website to learn more about his story.


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