I have heard some amazing stories, but this one might be one of the coolest.

Tracie Fobes was able to create her dream life directly from her experience paying off debt.

Tracie is the founder Penny Pinchin’ Mom and TracieFobes.com. Her journey to paying off debt started when she was inspired by her friend, who was using the envelop system, paid for dinner with cash. Tracie went home, talked with her husband and did a ton of research. After that they were able to pay off $37,000 in just 27 months- with three kids and Tracie staying at home with the little ones. From her experiences, she was able save money through couponing, finding deals and making a little extra cash off her blog- pennypinchinmom.com. She now teaches bloggers how to get results faster than doing it on their own and provides them with a go-to resource to find all the information they need to build a successful blog.

In this episode we talk about her strategies to paying off debt, what we need to know about using the envelop system, taking her kids on their dream Disney World vacation, how she was able to turn her blog into a six figure business, her first affiliate check of $65 and how that changed her life, treating your blog like a business, and even her suggestions for anyone working on being financially savvy.


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  • Tracie’s Money Website + Course: PennyPinchinMom.com
  • Tracie’s Business Website: TracieFobes.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PennyPinchinMom/
  • The moment Tracie knew something had to change with their financial life
  • Envelop system and how she still uses that today
  • Her first $65 affiliate check and how that changed her life
  • Growing a blog to six figures and what goes into that today
  • Building up a social media following of 600,000
  • Outsourcing and tips to know when it’s time to pass the wand to someone else
  • Social media tips for personal brands
  • How many hours and years it actually takes to build a successful digital business
  • Tracie’s Financial Reboot course and what is covered
  • Why she still ended up in debt after filing bankruptcy and what she did to permanently change that

And much more! If you are now part of #TeamTracie, check out her website to learn more about her story.


Vanessa– “I’m excited to say that I paid off one small credit card! ” #MoneyWin

Courtney-  “Just by using Facebook Marketplace I’ve made $142 the last two weeks by selling things we don’t need! And I made another $23.76 selling old textbooks and video games/DVDs to decluttr! Yay for money wins!” #MoneyWin

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