Is your grocery bill getting out of control?

If so, you’re going to LOOOVE today’s episode.

Today’s guest is bringing you a different perspective that directly affects our money situation- our grocery bill. Paul Salter is the founder The Nutrition Tactician. He’s a licensed dietician that has worked with collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes and over 600 people to achieving their health goals. He was the nutrition editor for the largest online supplement retailer, but recently quit to focus on his business full-time. Paul has his bachelors in Dietetics, his master’s in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, and is a licensed and registered dietician. (This is all a fancy way of saying Paul knows his shit!)

In this episode we talk about his journey to finding his dream job, not once, but twice, how his side hustle working with individuals started making him more money than his day job, the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist, how to save money while you are grocery shopping, meal prepping, and even Paul’s secret to curbing cravings.


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  • Paul’s Website:
  • Paul’s Nutrition Courses: TNT University 
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • How Paul got started into fitness industry and how he helps people eat better
  • His start volunteering in the industry and how he landed internships
  • His dream job working with Olympic athletes
  • Boise State Venture College and what this program taught him about his customers
  • Finding and leaving his dream job not once, but twice
  • The difference between a nutritionist and dietitian
  • Why we struggle with weight maintenance and why diets don’t work
  • Grocery shopping tips to help you save money and eat healthy
  • Why eating the same things can actually curb cravings

And much more! If you are now part of #TeamPaul, check out his website to learn more about his story.


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